Virtual Fax Overview - Copied

The virtual fax feature allows faxes to be sent and received without the need for a conventional fax machine. Incoming faxes are received by a virtual fax machine and sent to the email assigned to that virtual fax machine. Outgoing faxes are sent through our web portal.

Access Virtual Fax

  • Select the + button by Extensions on the left side menu
  • Select the Virtual Fax option

Name - This will be the name that you can search by and identify the Virtual Fax by.  

Number - This is the number that will be associated with the Virtual Fax. Typically the number of Virtual Fax machines is the 500's.

Omit From Directory - This determines whether or not it will be searchable in the phone directory. This is up to the company and their PBX preferences. Faxes or shared voicemails may be omitted from the directory to eliminate confusion

Send Incoming Fax to Email - Fill in with the email you would like incoming faxes to be sent to. 

Secure Fax - Enable this feature to access the allowed downloads, retry attempts, expiration, and password protection settings of your faxes.

Note:  Secure Fax section shows after the initial creation of the virtual fax.

Download - Set the allowed number of downloads the sent fax will allow. This can range from only one download to up to 15 downloads.

Failed Login Retries - Allow the recipient of the fax to retry the password if they fail to login correctly after the first attempt. Select No retries up to 15 retries. 

Download Link Expires In - Allow the recipient to access the download link for a certain number of days. Select from 1 day to 30 days.

Password/Confirm Password - Enter and confirm the password that the recipient of the fax will need to enter in order to access the fax.