Leave Voicemail - Switchboard Object

1 min. readlast update: 04.26.2024

The Leave Voicemail object is simply a voicemail box. You can customize what message you want to play and which phone you want to leave the voicemails on.


·         Extension: The phone you would like the voicemails to be left on.

·         Message: The sound clip you would like to play when a caller reaches the voicemail box.

Use Cases

·         This object will be used in most switchboards. You can use as many of these objects as you want for any situation you'd like. You can create a custom greeting, but have it go to the same voicemail box.

·         For example, if you want Suzie to take the sales calls, you can change the voicemail box and have it play the sales voicemail greeting, yet have it end up in Suzie's voicemail.


Q: Can I have the voicemail go to more than one phone?

A: Yes, but this will require a "Shared Voicemail" Click here to learn how to set up a Shared Voicemail.

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