How to Set Up a Shared Voicemail

2 min. readlast update: 04.23.2024

Shared Voicemails are a convenient way to allow a user or a group of users to receive and access voicemail boxes.

Create a Shared Voicemail

  • Select the + symbol next to Extensions on the left side menu to open the extension options

  • Select Shared Voicemail 

  • Select +New Shared Voicemail

  • Under the General Tab: 

    • Name the Voicemail

    • Set a shared voicemail number

    • Select to omit from directory or not

      • A new extension will be seen by all extensions in the PBX.

      • Queues, conference rooms, and shared voicemails may be omitted from the directory to eliminate confusion

    • By Default the Everyone Group is allowed access to the Shared Voicemail

  • Additional Options to Configure

    • Select the Time Zone

    • Set a Voicemail Box Password 

    • Determine if Voicemail Instructions will be played or not

    • Set Email Notifications to send or not

    • Select whether the Voicemail Message will be sent as MP3 via email

    • Set the message to delete after being sent or not

    • Enter in the email addresses of the recipients separated by commas

    • Determine if the system will use default greetings or not

    • Set the outgoing message unavailable sound clip. 

Once you're done configuring the Shared Voicemail, click Update Shared Voicemail

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