Yapi Integration Smart Caller ID Screen Pop - Copied

How to integrate and troubleshoot Yapi Integration with Mango

How does it work?

The Yapi Integration Smart Caller Id Screen Pop allows dental practices to see a patient's profile as the call is coming in.

How do I set it up?

  • Open YAPI Dashboard
  • Click the wrench icon
  • Select the About option
  • Click on the Practice ID button in the lower-left corner of the dialog box
  • Copy the Practice ID
  • Go to admin.mangovoice.com
  • Go to Integrations (bottom of dashboard column)
  • Click “Learn More” next to “YAPI”
  • Paste “Practice ID” in “YAPI ID” field in Mango Voice dashboard
  • Click the “Plus Sign”  next to “Integrations” and then “Authorization”
  • Click on “Generate”
  • Copy Key and send to Yapi to complete integrations


If integration doesn't save, then remove the brackets { } on the Yapi Practice ID.  

* It should now save and say, "Yapi integration is successfully integrated."

How do I get help?

Contact Yapi Support

Phone: 949-424-8810 

Email: helpdesk@yapicentral.com


Contact Mango Support

Phone: 435-767-0882

Email: support@mangovoice.com