Yapi Integration Smart Caller ID Screen Pop

How to integrate and troubleshoot Yapi Integration with Mango

How does it work?

The Yapi Integration Smart Caller Id Screen Pop allows dental practices to see a patient's profile as the call is coming in.

How do I set it up?

  • Open YAPI Dashboard
  • Click the wrench icon
  • Select the About option
  • Click on the Practice ID button in the lower-left corner of the dialog box
  • Copy the Practice ID
  • Go to admin.mangovoice.com
  • Go to Integrations (bottom of dashboard column)
  • Click “Learn More” next to “YAPI”
  • Paste “Practice ID” in “YAPI ID” field in Mango Voice dashboard
  • Click the “Plus Sign”  next to “Integrations” and then “Authorization”
  • Click on “Generate”
  • Copy Key and send to Yapi to complete integrations


If integration doesn't save, then remove the brackets { } on the Yapi Practice ID.  

* It should now save and say, "Yapi integration is successfully integrated."

How do I get help?

Contact Yapi Support

Phone: 949-424-8810 

Email: helpdesk@yapicentral.com


Contact Mango Support

Phone: 435-767-0882

Email: support@mangovoice.com