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What is a Messaging Group?

What are they and how do I set one up?

What is a Messaging Group?

Simply, a messaging group is 1 or more extensions that are grouped together, given a name to represent themselves within the company, and are assigned a phone number to text from. 

How do I setup a Messaging Group?

(Here's a step by step guide of what was done in the video)

  • If you have Administrator permission, you can make as many messaging groups as you like. You have to have Administrator permission to make them. If you can't make a group:
    • Go to the left side of the navigation, click on > Users
    • This shows a table where you can see the Authority column. This is where you can see who has Administrator permission inside your organization. They should be able to set you up. (It could be you, just under a different user account!)   
  • I logged into the Web App
  • I went to the texting tab
  • I tried to create a new text, but an error showed up telling me:
    • "No Group Found. This extension is not part of a messaging group. Head over to admin.mangovoice.com and set up your messaging group, or contact your Mango Administrator"
    • If you can log into our www.admin.mangovoice.com site, then you should be able to set this up yourself. If not, you'll need to touch base with someone in your organization who has the permission to do this. 
  • I go to the www.admin.mangovoice.com site, and login (this step is hidden because.. well, privacy). 
  • I click on the messaging tab on the left side of the screen. 
  • Now in this video, Mango has a lot of messaging groups, so this page looks overwhelming. Your organization will probably not have this many, if any at all. You might be creating the very first messaging group at your business (how exciting!)

    So, go ahead and click on the Create Team button. 
  • You'll come to a new screen with 4 requirements:
    • Name the team. (This can be Sales, Front Desk, Reception, Dr. Oz etc.)
    • You'll need to attach a phone number to this Team Messaging group. This phone number is the number that your team will be texting from. Your customers will see this number when a new text comes in. 
    • You'll need to choose a label color background and text color. 
      • Hold up-what's a label? In the video later after I created my label, in the texting tab on the WebApp, labels help organize your business' texts if you wanted to filter down. They're pretty simple but very powerful! 
  • Click Create Messaging Team.
  • After your team is created, you'll need to add an extension to your group. You can do this by looking at the list of extensions on the right hand side, and finding the one you want to add and clicking the small blue '+' icon.

If you don't add an extension to your group and go back to the WebApp, the WebApp won't know to pull in your extension into the assigned group.. (because there isn't an assigned group)

  • After you've assigned an extension to the group, go back to the Web App. You might need to refresh your browser page to make the change happen. 
  • Your extension should join a group within a couple minutes.. and you're ready to text!
    • If for some reason it doesn't add right away, try refreshing your browser window, or logging out and logging back in. 
  • Now, get work done with texting on Mango+ 😎