What assets do I need to provide to list my Integration?

In order to publish your integration, send the following information to support@mangovoice.com

  • Logo: Width of 160 px, PNG or JPEG
  • Offer: Short text description. Text only.
  • Description: Long text description that will show up above the integration. 255 characters, formatted like a sentence, no markdown or HTML allowed.
  • Link: A link to your system that allows users to learn more. This can be a landing page or getting started page on your website.
  • Callback URL: A single HTTP(S) URL that we will send the events from every client to. We will send all payloads to this URL with a Security Token to ensure the traffic can be trusted and a Remote ID that's configurable per client in the Integration.
    • Please see the API Documentation for details regarding the Remote ID and Security Token
  • Fallback URL: An optional HTTP(S) URL that will be tried in the event that a webhook request to the Callback URL fails.
  • Security Token: A UUID or other string of your choosing. This will be sent on the `x-mango-security-token` header of each request to let you know that the request originated with Mango.
  • Billing Email: Who we can reach out to for billing inquiries.
  • Technical Email: Who we can contact when something goes amiss on our end or yours.
  • Event Selectors: A list of the events that you want to receive. A complete list of currently supported events are documented in the API documentation, which at this time includes:
    • Call Logs - delivered upon completion of a call.
    • Call Queue - delivered any time state changes on a call queue (e.g. - agent logs in/out, etc).
    • Integration Message - delivered with every state change of a message that is relayed through our API (e.g. - queued, sent, recieved, etc). NOTE: additional configuration and charges apply to these events.
    • Line Extension State - delivered any time the state of a call changes (e.g. - ringing, answered, hung up, etc).
    • Voicemail - delivered when voicemail state changes (e.g. created, transcribed).