Use Cases

  • Use this feature to send notifications to an external website or server.
  • Log data in a google doc
  • Integrate with Zapier
  • Provide screen pop notifications in third-party software
  • Example uses:

    1. Screen pop notification
    2. Log calls
    3. Cause an action on another site
    4. Create leads

    Example URL:

    Curly brackets will be replaced by MangoVoice with actual data.


    CALLER_ID - The caller id name of the person calling
    CALLER_NUMBER - The number of the person calling
    NUMBER_DIALED - The number that was dialed
    CALL_UID - The unique id of the call that can be used to look up the call record at a later time
    DIALED_NUMBER_NAME - The name in mango of the number being called
    TIME_UTC - The time of the Call in UTC time zone