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What are Snippets? How do I use them? Can I create them?

What are Snippets?

  • Snippets is Mango's word for a hashtag shortcode that represents a saved message (sometimes referred to as a canned message).
    • For example: #hello could be a Snippet for: Hello there, how can I help you today? 

How do I use a Snippet?

    • Head over to the texting tab on https://app.mangovoice.com.
    • Click on an conversation
      • If you want to send a Snippet with a new text, you're going to have to send something first. We don't currently support being able to use a Snippet from the new text view at this moment. 
    • Now that you have your open conversation, at the bottom between the MMS File Icon and the Emoji Grin Icon is a hashtag box, this is our Snippets Icon
    • You can either click the Snippet Icon, or you can type '#' on the keyboard. Both will pop up a Snippets shortcut menu. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down the entire Snippets menu that you have access to, or you can start typing and the Snippet menu will filter down to what matches. 
    • Once you click on the Snippet, or click 'Enter', the Snippet will replace the #hashtag with the saved message. This is where you can customize it a little bit if you want to
      • But really, if you're customizing every message, it would really save you time to create another Snippet or go into the settings and edit your Snippets. 
    • Once you hit enter again, or click on the Send Icon, it's sent into your conversation and can't be edited. 
      • If you're nervous and want a preview, you could send a text to your cell phone from your business number to see how it will look. 
    • That's it! You've sent your Snippet!

How do I create Snippets? (see video above)

  • Head into your settings menu in the bottom left of the left navigation. (Click on your account on the bottom left)
  • A menu will appear, click on settings. 
  • You'll come to an overlay with a box appearing. This is called the Settings Modal. There's a left menu on the settings modal, click on Text.
  • The only thing inside texting as of right now is a Snippets management section. This is where you create and delete them. We're going to be focusing on their creation going forward.
  • Click on New on the right side of the settings modal.
  • You'll need to create a name for the Snippet. Don't bother adding a #, we've taken care of that step for you. 
  • After you create the name, you'll need to decide if this is a Snippet that only you have access to, or to use for the entire Company. 
    • Company Snippets: If you choose Company, your entire business will be able to use it. Something like a general #greeting and #thankyou might come in handy for these. 
    • Personal Level: If you create a personal snippet, only YOU will have access to it. If you typically greet people with a personal greeting, create your own!

Occasionally you'll see a bug that says This field is required. That's a bug we're still working through. In the mean time, you'll just have to refresh your browser and create it again. It will work the 2nd time. We're really sorry for the inconvenience this causes!

How do I delete Snippets?

Deleting a snippet is easy (and can't be undone, so be careful).

  1. Go to Snippet settings from the top right drop down or by hitting '#' on your keyboard or clicking the snippet icon.
  2. To the right of the snippet you want to delete is a trashcan icon, click that.
  3. Once you click it you'll be warned that once you do it you can't go back. Are you sure you want to delete?
  4. 4. Click delete. You're done!

Once you delete a snippet, it can't be recovered. 

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