Voicemail Overview

Voicemail refers to a single extension's voicemail inbox, while shared voicemail refers to a voicemail box that can be accessed by multiple extensions that possess the shared voicemail password. The following information explains accessing, recording greetings, and changing voicemail passwords. Voicemail and shared voicemail articles will both be linked.

Learn how to set up your voicemail for remote access.

Accessing Voicemail Box

Voicemail boxes can be accessed by dialing *97 or pressing the device voicemail buttons. 

Accessing Shared Voicemail Box

Access shared voicemail boxes by dialing *98 on registered mango voice extensions

How to Set Up Voicemail Greeting

Assign a Sound Clip to a Voicemail Greeting

Send a Call to Voicemail

Change Voicemail Password on My Phone

Change Voicemail Password in the Admin Portal