Using The Switchboard

The Switchboard is the heart of your Mango Voice Phone System. Without it, your calls would go nowhere. Learning how to manage and understand the Switchboard will help you maximize the effectiveness of your phone system. Read through this guide to better learn how your Switchboard works and how to properly configure it.

Click here to watch our Switchboard Overview video

Note: Apply config is no longer necessary. 

Drag. Drop. What?

When you first look at the switchboard it can be pretty overwhelming, but it can be pretty simple if you take the time to learn how it works. The switchboard will always begin at the Start icon in the top left , then it goes from left to right, like a book. 

Follow the orange line road.

The switchboard is logic-based, so it will travel to one object, read that object, and depending on what the object says, it will follow the logic after that. Look at the picture below of a basic switchboard setup.

It begins at the Start then goes to a schedule and asks "Is this business open, closed, or is it on a Holiday?" Based on the answer it gets from the schedule selected in there, it moves onto its next step. If the business is open, it will follow the flow to the transfer and continue and then to the leave voicemail. If closed or Holiday, it will go to the auto attendant and give the customer options. 

Switchboard Tips

  • You can delete a line on the switchboard by simply clicking it. 
  • If you're ready to make any changes you make go live, make sure you press the green Save button!
  • Any saved changes to the switchboard go active immediately.