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Update Firmware on Cisco SPA50X IP Phone

How to update the firmware on the Cisco SPA50X IP Phone

First go to https://software.cisco.com/download/home/282724650/type

Select IP Telephone Firmware

Choose the appropriate release for the phone you're updating.

Once you've selected the correct firmware version, select download

Copy the .zip file to a computer that is on the same network as the Cisco IP Phone

Unzip the file (example)

Get the IP address of the phone from either the registrations page of the client's PBX, or from the phone: Menu > Network > Current IP

In this example the IP address of the phone is:

Double click the .exe file ("spa50x-30-7-6-2b.exe" in this example)

Click "Continue"

Enter the IP address of the device you're updating in the following window and press "OK"

Enter the correct password in the following windows and press "OK"

Click "Upgrade"

Click "Allow Access"

Allow the "Upgrading Target" dialogue to run

While the phone is rebooting the following message will appear:

You may get the following message

Click "OK" and you will see

Click "OK"

Log into the web UI of the Cisco Phone to verify that the firmware update was successful: