Troubleshooting Cordless phones

W60B - Firmware - issues


  • Check base firmware upgrade if necessary to -> W60B- 
  • Check Handset firmware upgrade to this specific firmware -> W56H- 
  • Common issues check Status -> VoIP & Handsets -> if firmware on handset is it needs an upgrade
  • These two firmware's must go together as w60b doesn't currently support newer handset firmware as of 4/22/2021.
  • Check to make sure each handset is registered to base and on PBX

Media Error or Forbidden Line 

Issue: It is a type of Provisioning issue that is related to the firmware not being updated (Typically, this error only occurs on a cordless phone)

Not Authorized to make out bound calls

Issue: The user on the device does not match the user on the Extension.


  • Go into
  • Go into the "My Devices" tab
  • Select the Device, verify that the "Assigned User" and "Line 1 Value" are the same as the Extension
  • Update "Assigned User" and "Line 1" and click Save.
  • Reboot Device