Transfer - Switchboard Object

2 min. readlast update: 04.26.2024

The transfer object is used to transfer directly to an extension. 


·         Extension: This is used to select the phone you would like to ring.

Use Cases

This is mainly used to transfer to someone's direct line, as it can only ring a single phone.


Q: How is this different from an external transfer?

A: An external transfer is used to transfer to a number outside of your Mango Voice system (I.E. a cell phone).

Q: Can I do this as the first item in a switchboard? 

A: Yes, but this is a terminating object which means that once the call goes into this object it cannot leave and the call flow ends.

Q: Can I transfer directly to someone's voicemail?

A: To transfer directly to someone's voicemail, use the leave voicemail object. If you are trying to transfer a call to voicemail while on an active call, use *2 followed by the person's extension.

Q: What types of extensions can I transfer to?

A: You can transfer to line extensions only. In order to transfer to queues, faxes, or voicemail use the corresponding switchboard objects. 

Q: Can you control the ring time?

A: No. The Transfer object has a built-in ring time of 7-8 rings before it goes to the voicemail of the extension selected.

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