Switchboard Key Concepts - Copied

Mango Voice uses switchboards to direct call flows. Sometimes they can seem confusing, so we created this page of definitions as well as our using the switchboard article to help make it easier.


The amount of time (in seconds) the phone rings before it moves on. 

On Timeout  

The amount of time (in seconds) the object waits before it moves to the next object.

On Escape

In a queue, if the person calling in presses # (escape hotkey) the call will move to the next object.


The 3-5 digit number that is tied to a user’s device or softphone. 

Repeat Times

The amount of times the sound clip in an auto-attendant will repeat itself before moving on to the next object. 

Allow Extension Dialing

Allows the person calling in to dial a 3-5 digit extension of the person they are wanting to reach instead of pressing pre-set options.


The 10 digit phone number the object will use.

Pass-Through Caller ID

Checking this box will use the caller’s caller ID when the call is forwarded.

Or Use This Caller ID

This will disable Caller ID Pass-Through and use a selected Caller ID from the drop-down to show instead of the caller’s caller ID.

Require 1 to connect

When a call is forwarded to this object, the person receiving call is required to press 1 to connect the call. (This is a must if the person wants the call to be able to move onto another object after the forward)

Message (Leave Voicemail)

The sound clip that will play before the person is able to leave a message.

Day/Night Open

When the Day/Night object reads “Open” the call flow will follow this line.

Day/Night Closed

When the Day/Night object reads “Closed” the call flow will follow this line.

Press *3, *30-39 to toggle

*3 Is the basic toggle. When a customer dials *3 from a Mango phone, it will allow them to toggle the day/night between Open and Closed. If a customer needs more than one Day/Night mode, you can use the Advanced version (*30-39) in which they will dial whichever *30 code is selected to toggle the object.

Configure *30-39 by pressing the "Advanced" button on the day/night mode

Lookup By Extension/User name

When a call comes into this object, the caller can dial the first 3 digits of the extensions name they are trying to reach. Alternatively, you can also have them enter the first 3 digits of the User.


How long the object will be used until it moves onto the next object. 

Ring Duration Wait

While the call is Waiting for the appointed time, tells the call to play a ringing noise or not.

Weight ( Call Distribution )

This allows you to choose the percentage of calls to send to each option. 

Add 6 Characters to the front (Change Caller ID)

This allows you to add 6 characters to the front of your Caller ID when a call comes in. I.E for it could show SUPPRT – 4357670882

Replace Caller ID (Change Caller ID)

This allows you to completely replace the caller ID with a different 10 digit number.