Sonicwall Router Voip settings for Mango Voice Hosted PBX Phones

Sonicwall routers can cause grief with any Hosted Phone System.  Below are settings to help with call quality, dropped calls, transfer, and presence.

VOIP => Settings:
- Turn on Consistent NAT.
- For customers using the MangoVoice Hosted PBX service and the Sonic Firewall, the SIP Transformations sections should be DISABLED (unchecked), also uncheck Enable H.323 Transformationssr1

Disable - Enable RTSP Transformations
Disable - Drop source routed packetssr2

Firewall => Advanced => Scroll down to "UDP":
Increase UDP timeout to 120sr3

Interfaces => WAN => Advanced
Check the box "Fragement non-VPN outbound packets"
Set MTU to 1500sr4

Security Services => Intrusion Prevention => Voip-Attacks
Disable Prevention
Disable Detectionsr5


Firewall => Access Rules => Add...

Make a rule for Inbound and Outbound

Action: Allow, Allow
From: WAN, LAN
Source Port: Any, Any
Service: SIP, SIP
Source: Any, Any
Destination: Any, Any
Users Included: All, All
Users Excluded: None, None
Schedule: Always on, Always on
Comment: allow inbound voip, allow outbound voip


Make a test call and verify everything is working. If you are experiencing one-way audio or no audio, follow these steps.

Firewall => Service Objects => Add Service
Name: Mango RTP
Protocol: UDP
Port Range: 12000-32000
Sub Type: Nonesr7

Go to Firewall => Access Rules => Add Rule

Action: Allow
From: LAN
Source Port: Any
Service: Mango RTP
Source: Any
Destination: Any
Users Included: All
Users Excluded: None
Schedule: Always on
Comment: allow rtp outboundsr8

If you are still experiencing issues such as the presence light not working, dropped calls, or one-way audio, change your device to use TCP transport in the My Devices page in the Administration portal.