Softphone Advanced Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Steps:

Verify System:
  • Windows: Open System Information (Check OS and Specs). Look for OS version.
    • OS: Windows 7 
    • Available Physical Memory: 4.00 GB
    • CPU: i7 , 4 cores, 1.8 GHz
  • Mac: Open About this Mac (Check OS and Specs)
Current System Status: Task Manager in Windows or Activity Monitor in Mac
  • If RAM is over 80% we could have issues
  • Recommended at least 4 GB total RAM on device

Peripheral Test

  • Verify with YouTube that their headset works. In cases of 1WA
  • Verify microphone


Incognito Mode

This will disable any Chrome extensions that may be interfering with the Mango phone application.

Try a Different Browser

  • Download Firefox
  • Open the phone URL
  • Try to reproduce the issue
  • If firefox works it might be an issue with Chrome
  • If firefox does not work it might be an issue with a network or computer.

Take Affected Computer to New Network

  • Bring the computer to a new network
  • Starbucks
  • McDonald's
  • Library
  • University
  • Neighbor
  • Ensure Wifi Access
  • Make Test call to cell phone
  • If the test call works off the network you know it is a problem with the network
  • If the test call doesn't work it could be a problem with the new network or computer

Buy / Borrow a Computer

  • This will identify if it is a problem with the user's computer.
  • Bring a new computer on/to the affected network
  • Borrow a friends or neighbors
  • Buy a new one if it is at the end of its life
  • Ensure wifi access for the new computer
  • Make a test call to cell phone
  • If the call works on the new computer then replace the computer
  • If the call doesn't work with a new computer it is likely a problem with the network

Contact Mango for Network Diagnostic

  • Make sure the router is configured to allow VoIP calls to go through their network
  • Have them monitor the call as it is happening
  • Make test call while they monitor traffic

New Network

This will determine if the network that the user is on is problematic and is blocking certain problems that have to do with VoIP

  • Set up a new network for the agent that is affected
  • Identify a new place for the agent to work that has a functioning network.

For Advanced Softphone/Webphone Debugging Click Here: