Server Swap

West to East


  • Search PBX from Admin site Dashboard 
  • Click the Yellow Edit button
  • Change Server Group from Kam1(West) to East1
  • Change SIP Primary from kamstg1 to sbc-atl-1
  • Change SIP Secondary from kamlas1 to sbc-va-1

  • Update PBX
  • Now go into the PBX My Numbers
  • Move each number whether in VI or BW from KAM/WEST over to EAST
  • Go to Settings in the PBX and Update System Settings
  • Next is My Devices - update ALL Devices
  • Reboot ALL Devices
  • Check registrations to make sure they all come up
  • Test call in and outbound


EAST to West


  • Exact same steps but swap servers backwards for cluster, sip, phone numbers.