Roles and Permissions


Roles are a group of permissions assigned to a user.  Roles are divided into two sections  Account Access and Phone Permissions.

Phone Permissions will assign PBX groups to the user for functionality in using the phone system.

For example, in Phone permissions, if user John Doe was assigned to the PBX group (role)  "Administrator" and extension 101 was assigned to John Doe.  Then Jon Doe at ext 101 would be granted all Administrator permissions like making international calls.   See below for a list of roles and examples.

Permissions are assigned through a role.  For example, if you have the role of Administrator you would be granted certain permissions like editing a Switchboard.

Users are assigned Roles.  When a user accesses functionality on Mango either through the Administration Portal, Apps, or their extension.  The Roles assigned to the user will grant certain permissions.

Extensions will inherit the role of the user it is assigned to.

Account Access

Account access will assign a role to the user for all permissions related to the Administration Portal, Desktop App, and Mobile App.

For example, in Account Access, if you assign the role of Administrator you would be granted certain permissions like editing a Switchboard.  See below for a list of roles and examples.

  Portal Limited Portal Restricted Portal Unrestricted Administrator Senior Administrator


Manage Profile


Read Only
Call Logs    
Manage Switchboard      
Manage Extensions      
Manage Sound Clips      
Manage Music on Hold      
Manage Schedules      
Manage Directories      
Manage PBX Settings      
Manage Users        
Manage User Groups          

* Manage - Ability to View, and edit 

Phone permission roles

These roles are to be created, modified and deleted by the system administrator and are very useful for granting a restricting phone system functionality.

Example - Restrict some phones from making long-distance calls.  To accomplish this you could create a PBX group named "Local Callers".  Then set the permission "Domestic Long Distance Access" to "No".  Then assign the users you wish to limit calling to this role.

The default roles are shown below

Default list of PBX groups (roles) permissions

  Everyone International Dialers Administrators
Internal Calling
Local Calling
Domestic Long Distance
International (if included in plan)  
Malicious Areas (if included in plan)    
Super Access    
Eaves Dropping (Call Coaching)    
Prompt Recording Access