RevenueWell - Copied

Screen pop, show who's calling

Note: You will need to obtain a simultaneous ring phone number from Revenue Well before this integration can be set up.

How does it work?


How do I set it up?

  • Go to the Mango Voice dashboard
  • Click the “Plus Sign”  next to “Extensions”
  • Click on “Lines”
  • Click on “New Extension Line”
  • Enable “OutDial® Extension”.
  • Under “OutDial Options”, put in provided “Forwarding Number”. Use the number provided by Revenue Well. DO NOT USE the customer's phone number.
  • Go to “Ring Groups”
  • Add the new “OutDial® Extension” you created to the ring group
  • Add Ring Group to the desired Switchboard to initiate the screen pop

How do I get help?

Contact Revenue Well

Phone: 847-597-1745


Contact Mango Support

Phone: 435-767-0882