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Recent Calls

Recent calls shows a consolidate call history across every extension in the PBX. This view shows every call in and out of your PBX.

The recent calls tab shows the most recent calls that have occurred on your system. This screen updates very frequently to give you the most up-to-date view of the calls that have happened on your system. 


Why can't I see all my call history or filter by different parameters?

  • We only show the most recent 100 calls at this time to give you the most actionable and timely information. You can access more filters and searching in the Admin > Call Logs or Admin > Reports if there is a particular call that you are trying to find. 

Why don't I see a call that is currently ongoing in my recent calls?

  • The recent calls tab will only be updated when the call has been completed

What is in the Missed tab? 

  • The missed call tab is a subset of the most recent 100 calls that resulted in being Unknown, Missed, or Voicemail. 

Why can't I see my call recordings on some calls? 

  • Call recording will need to be enabled and configured correctly to see call recordings
  • Certain short calls will result in the call not being recorded.