Purchase a number from VOIP

  1. Goto VOIP
  2. Navigate to DIDs -> Purchase DIDs -> select Local DIDs
  3. Fill out requested info: Not all boxes are required to be filled out. 
  4. Click View DID Results

  5. Be Aware Exiant does not support SMS at ALL
  6. Select associated area of phone number:
  7. Make sure you select Tier 2 or lower! Anything above a tier 2 number requires approval from Tier 2 and up
  8. Select number and scroll to the very bottom and Buy DIDs Now (Copy the phone number so you don't lose it)

  9. Navigate to Unconfigured DIDs and configure the DID

  10. Select Server Cluster -
    West = Kam1.mangovoice.com
    East = east1.mangovoice.com
    Save Changes (Unless you need to put CID enter in Outbound CNAM)
  11. Go to the Admin site
  12. Phone numbers - Add Numbers in the top left and enter in the Newley purchased DID #
  13. Provider is VOIP, Type Standard, Status Active. You can change the name here or later in the pbx - Add Phone number once information is entered
  14. Navigate to the PBX you added the number to
  15. The new number does not have an endpoint, Select the name or yellow edit box
  16. Changing name to VOIP phone number and endpoint to Kevin - 104
  17. This is now set up as a direct line, if you need it to goto a switchboard make sure the switchboard has first been created and then tie the endpoint to the correct switchboard number.
  18. test call and make sure it works!