Desk Phone Provisioning - In Office (HQ)

This is how you will provision a Yealink T4 or T5 phone in the Mango Voice office prior to shipping to customer.

  1. Take the phone out of the box and plug into designated PoE port in provisioning room
  2. Look for the word "mango" in the top left (line 1 spot) after about 60 seconds
  3. Once "mango" appears, unplug and box phone back up
    1. Add power supply in bottom of box
    2. Add mousepad and instruction card on top of phone
  4. Go to already created device in PBX on the open order you are working on. 
  5. Scan in the correct MAC Address found on box. 
  6. Select the user for this device.
  7. Select the extension on Line 1 for this device.
When the customer plugs in the device to the internet the device will then provision to their PBX if these steps are followed.