Practice By Numbers Integration

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How to set up the Practice By Numbers PhoneIQ Integration with Mango Voice

Mango VOIP setup:

·         Have Customer Reach out to Practice By Numbers Support to get their Remote ID.

·         Then go to Mango portal and click on the Integrations tab from the left-hand side menu. In the Integrations tab click on Learn More next to Practice By Numbers to enter the RemoteID.

·         Click Create Integration

·         Verify the Status is ON

·         Once the connection is established →, please download the PhoneIQ app (PbN app) on your office desktop computers (Windows 8+, preferably Windows 10)

·         After the PhoneIQ app (PbN app) is installed - log in to it using your existing PbN login credentials. The desktop app will then show patient pop ups for calls coming in the office.

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