Porting Your Business Number to Mango Voice

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FAQ regarding porting of phone numbers

Porting a business phone number allows you to keep your business’s number when you switch to a Mango Voice. Porting your business phone number or numbers is similar to moving your cell phone number when you change cell providers. 

As long as you stay within the same geographic area, the FCC requires that phone numbers are portable between telephone providers.

Your local geographic area, which is also known as a rate center, determines what phone number and area code you get. If you’re within those limits, the company should be able to port your number to the new carrier. 

This means you won’t have to print new business cards, update your site, and have your customers deal with the hassle of a new phone number. VoIP number porting is great news for a small business looking to lower costs. 

As a last resort, the FCC suggests you contact your local public utilities commission if your telephone company is refusing to port your number. 


Mango currently allows porting of phones numbers to the following providers.

·         VoIP Innovations

·         Bandwidth


Can I Port My Numbers Before My Onboarding Date?

·         The porting process starts after your onboarding is complete.


What happens to My Number between FOC and Actual Port Date?

·         During the onboarding process, we will set up call forwarding from your main business number to a temporary number at Mango.

·         After your onboarding is complete, our porting department will submit the port request.

·         The port process on average takes 2-4 weeks. If the proper documentation is in place, the process can be much quicker. 

·         In the meantime, you will still have access to your phones and be able to place inbound and outbound calls. 

·         Mango works diligently to ensure the smooth transition from your old provider while maintaining normal business operations. 

When can I cancel my service with the losing provider?

·         Do not cancel service with the losing provider until all your numbers have successfully ported to Mango. 

·         Keep in mind that your old provider isn’t allowed to retaliate or block our request to port the number.

What is a CSR and how do I obtain one?

·         A CSR is a Customer Service Record. Your current provider will be able to provide that to you.

·         Customers should contact the LSP (Losing Service Provider) and request the most recent CSR. This process can take up to 72 hours from the LSP.

·         Pursuant to FCC regulations, your LSP is required to allow you to port, irrespective of the outstanding balance for a terminated contract. But they do need to verify the request to ensure it’s authentic. The Letter of Agency (LOA) needs to have the correct account information. 

·         It is important that you list all the phone numbers that you port to Mango. 

·         If possible, have a copy of your most recent bill. This helps ensure your account numbers are correct and can speed up the porting process.


For additional questions regarding the porting process, call or email our porting team: 

  • 435.767.0660
  • porting@mangovoice.com


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