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Port a Number - Copied

Porting a number is the process of switching a phone number to a new provider. The porting process usually takes 7-14 days.

What is the process like?

  1. Mango needs to get your approval to move an existing number from one provider to another. This approval is called an LOA or Letter of Authority.
  2. Once you have completed an LOA, Mango will work with your provider to bring the number into Mango Voice
  3. Your provider will give Mango a release date of when the phone number can be moved.
  4. After your release date, Mango will take over your phone number.

Once the number has been assigned to the account, go to “My Numbers” and point it to an extension or Switchboard. If it is the default number for the company make sure it is E911 verified. To learn more see E911.

Note: Do NOT cancel your previous provider until the port is completed.

Note: Mango is able to provide temporary numbers for you to setup your system while you wait for your number to port

How can I get started porting my number?

  1. Simply send an email to porting@mangovoice.com to request an LOA.
  2. Email to support@mangovoice.com or your Account Executive.
  3. You can also call (435) 767-0882 and follow the prompt for porting help.