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What can I do on the Phone Tab?

How do I make a call or send a text from the Phone Tab?

Returning a Call

It's really easy to return a call to anyone with the click of a button. 

  1. You can either click on the call history List Item on the left or if you know the number you can click the Orange Dial Pad button near the top left. (In the following steps, we're going to explain the first method). 
  2. Now that you've clicked the List Item, at the top in the middle you should see the name or number update to the call you've selected.
  3. Go ahead and click the call button to the right of the name or number
  4. If you're logged into the same extension on our www.phone.mangovoice.com (Softphone) that you're logged into on the WebApp, then you should immediately start hearing a ringing. This is our Softphone ringing for you to pick up the phone before it shoots the call out to your caller from your call history. 
    1. If you initiate the call from our WebApp but don't ever pick up the call from the Desk phone near you or our SoftPhone, then the call will never go out to your destination call. 
  5. Have an amazing call! 😎

Sending a Text to a Caller using Quick Actions

You can quickly send a caller a text using our Quick Action buttons at the top of the Navigation, it's really easy:

  1. Select the call history List Item on the left
    1. The Top Navigation should have updated to the selected List Item you clicked on. This is necessary to send a text using our Quick Action Buttons
  2. Move your mouse to the Top Navigation, to the right of the Name or Number of the caller is a Text Button. Go ahead and click that
  3. A small window will pop over your browser screen. This is our Texting Modal. If your extension belongs to more than one group, go ahead and select which phone number you want to send the text from. 
    1. This means that which ever messaging group you choose, that phone number will send the text to the customer. Everyone within that group will be able to see the text you send, and see your customer's response. 
  4. After you've selected a group, you should see the number pre-filled into the section where you'd normally have to enter in the 10-digit number manually. 
  5. Once you've crafted your text message as you'd like, go ahead and click on Send. 
    1. Once you click send, you'll be redirected to see the text you just sent.