Patient Xpress

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and How to Integrate Troubleshoot Patient Xpress Integration with Mango

How does it work?

Patient Xpress provides a powerful seamless integration with Eaglesoft and Mango Click 2 Call from a patient record.

How do I set it up?

·         Go to the Mango Voice dashboard

·         Go to "Numbers"

·         Find the Switchboard that the Main number points to

·         Go to Switchboards and open the one referenced in the previous step

·         Using the number provided by Patient Express, add an "External Transfer", with a 5 second timeout, to the beginning of the call flow

·         Save the switchboard

·         Have the customer restart their P.E. software

·         Place a test call.


How do I get help?

There is no portal access for the customer to set this up, you will need to contact their support team.

Phone: 9495426773



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