Parking Lot Overview

Parking Lots (Parking a Call)

The Parking Lot feature allows a user to place a call in a Parking Lot (“park”) and receive it from any valid extension.

To Park a Call

  • When on a connected call, press *1 or programmed P1 / P2 buttons.
  • This will park the call, say the Parking Lot number (Remember this number), and then disconnect the call from the current phone and place the call in the given Parking Lot.

Retrieve a Parked Call

  • Pick up any phone on your Mango Voice hosted phone domain.
  • Dial the given Parking Lot number or select the programmed P1 / P2 button to retrieve the call.
  • Wireless: press 5901 (for park 1) 5902 (for park 2) etc.

Parking Lots can also be accessed through a compatible sidecar (if equipped). To setup a sidecar to access and monitor a Parking Lot go to Setting up a Sidecar.

Parking Lot Timeout (Park Auto Return)

This is set on the Administration Portal. This variable sets how long a call can be left in a Parking Lot before being sent back to the Agent that put the call in the parking lot.

1. Login to the Administration Portal.

2. After opening the PBX, choose Settings.

3. On the General tab, enter the Call park timeout in seconds.

4. Select Update System Settings.