How do I turn on / off notifications on the Web App? (Windows Instructions)

Instructions on how to modify or turn on / off the Web App notifications on a Windows machine.

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How do I turn on Notifications on Web App (Mac & Windows)

The easiest, easiest, easiest way to turn on notifications is to accept them when you're prompted the first time! If you've dismissed them, or clicked Enable Notifications, and then blocked them.. it gets more complex, but have no fear! We'll show you how to turn them on. 

How do I turn on Notifications if I dismissed them or blocked them? (Mac & Windows)

You've probably seen the new Enable Notifications banner that has popped in from the top by now. (You had to click on that to turn on notifications), but you might have been in the middle of something, so you dismissed it. How do I turn them on now? 

  1. Head to the bottom left corner where account name is (click on it)
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Notifications
  4. If you've dismissed the notifications banner in the past, you should see something that says, "You’ve blocked notifications. You’ll need to go into your browser settings to switch this back on" (image below). You'll notice in the screenshot below that the "Play Ding..." is technically on, but disabled. You can't click on it. This is because the Enable Notifications have been dismissed or turned off. Have no fear, we'll conquer this together!

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(Settings Screenshot)

  1. First things first, exit the settings screen on the Web App.
    1. Chrome (Mac and Windows): In the top left of the browser you will see a small lock icon. Click on that. (See Image below). You see how this person has these turned off? No one will be getting sound alerts and operating system notifications when this is off.. so flip that switch to on! 
      1. After that, you'll need to reload your web app to make the change live. 
      2. Send yourself a text from your cell phone to the office text number. You should have an operating system notification, and heard a "ding"!

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    2. Firefox (Mac and Windows):  Getting the notifications to appear on Firefox is slightly different, (I didn't say slightly more difficult though 😁).
      1. You'll need to go deeper into the Firefox settings to turn on the notifications. If you go to the Mango Web App settings, you'll have the same notifications text that you would have had on Chrome (see Settings Screenshot above)
      2. First, click on the 3 layer cake / hamburger icon on the far right of the Firefox browser.
      3. Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 3.13.26 PM
      4. Near the bottom, click on settings.
      5. Firefox will open a new tab that is settings, at the top middle is a settings search. Click on that, and search Notifications

      6. Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 3.18.23 PM
      7. (You can see in the image above, I started typing Notifi and it pulled it up.) Click on Notifications
      8. Here's where you can toggle the notifications from Block to Allow
      9. Head back to your web app, and reload it. If you want to check and see quickly if your notifications are on, you can click this settings icon that Firefox has in the search area at the top of the browser
      10. Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 3.23.28 PM
    3. Safari
      1. Sadly, we're not supporting Safari at this time. You'll need to download Firefox, Chrome, (or offshoots of Chrome like Brave) for the notifications to work. 

I'm still not getting notifications! (and other questions)

If you're still not getting any notifications, then your notifications might be blocked on your machine. Windows has two locations you can adjust notifications and pop ups, both of which can be edited via settings.

To go to the settings, you can right-click the Windows icon on your task bar and select 'Settings'. (see videos below)


Alternatively, you can also search 'Settings' via the Windows Search feature. (see videos below)


Let's allow applications to access your notifications:

  1. In Settings, search 'Notifications Privacy Settings'.
  2. Alternatively, you can click on 'Privacy', then 'Notifications' on the left hand side, or search it via the Windows Search feature.
  3. Once there, turn on 'Allow apps to access your notifications'


Next, we need to allow those notifications to be sent out. If you still have your settings open, you can select 'System' then 'Notification & action'. From there, you can set 'Get notifications from apps and other senders' and the program you want notifications from (i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Edge etc.) to On.


Customize Notification Sounds

You can keep notifications on, but turn the sound for notifications off as well. In your Notifications & actions settings, click the checkbox for Allow notifications to play sounds if you'd like them on or off. You can get real specific by selecting which apps (like Chrome, Edge, Firefox to be turned on or off as well)



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Further Reading

If you want to do more reading on how to turn on or off notifications from our friends at Google, they wrote this article up on how to do it.