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How to Send a Text

Sendings texts in the Web App is super easy! Don't fret, we'll show you how!

  1. You'll need to be logged in with an extension that's part of a messaging group. (Click here to learn more about messaging groups).
  2. Go to the texting tab, click on the Orange Compose Icon Button.
  3. Choose the messaging group you want to text FROM
  4. Then you'll type in who you're texting to, and prepare your text.
    1. (If you click send, it will go out no matter what you've written. Keep that in mind).
  5. When you're ready to send it, click on Send Text
  6. The Web App will redirect you to the text you just sent so you can see it.
  7. You can also send emojis! Watch the video for how to do it.


  • Do we support Emojis? 
    • 🤘😎 Without a doubt we do. 
  • Do you have a character limit for a single text? 
  • Do you support Gifs?
    • Of course we do!