How to access Voicemails Remotely - Copied

There are three basic ways to retrieve voicemails remotely:

  • Voicemail Email Notifications By turning on email notifications, you receive a copy of the voice mail sent to a given email for you to listen to.  Learn how to set up your voicemail for remote access (email notifications) here
  • Turn on Call Recording:  Select "Settings" from the left side menu. Next, select the "Call Recording" tab at the top of the page. Enable desired call recordings. Call recordings will give you a recording of the call from start to finish, including any sound clips that may play in your switchboard. 
  • Softphone: Use a Chrome web browser to log into your softphone extension. Users will be able to use the softphone like a desk phone and functionalities like retrieving voicemails, making and receiving calls, and transferring calls. Learn how to use your MangoVoice Softphone here

In all three cases, if you need assistance setting these up, please feel free to reach out to us and we can assist you further.


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