How to Put Your Cell Phone in a Ring Group

Ring Groups allow a group of extensions to be rung at the same time. Some business owners, such as dentists, want to be included in the ring group. Placing a cell phone in a ring group is easily done by taking the following steps:

Add a New Extension Line

  • Select the + by extensions on the left side menu
  • Select “Lines” under the extensions tab
  • Click on the blue “+ New Extension Line” button at the top of the page.
  • Select the location that this extension will be tied to. (Usually the main location)
  • Change the “OutDial® Extension” to say, “Yes” this will reveal the “outdial options”
  • In the outdial options part, you will add a “Forwarding Number”. Enter the desired cell phone number here.
  • Click “Create New Line” at the bottom of the page.

Add an Extension to a Ring Group

  • Click “Ring Groups” in the left side menu under "Extensions"
  • Find the desired ring group to add the cell phone to. Ring group 200 is usually the primary ring group, though you may need to check your switchboard to identify which ring group you want to place it in.
  • Once in the ring group, scroll down
  • You will see two columns, one will say “members in group” these are the extensions that will ring in the ring group. The other will say “Available Members for group:”.
  • Add any of these to the ring group. Find the created extension and add it to the ring group by clicking on it.
  • Click update ring group just above the columns, and you have added a cell phone to the ring group!