How to integrate and troubleshoot Flex Dental Integration with Mango Voice

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How do I set it up?

Two-Step Process:

·         Mango turns on Integrations in the PBX

·         The Client (or Flex Rep.) creates the Flex ID 


·         In Mango - Go into the PBX Settings, and Enable Integrations 

Flex Representative

·         Login to Flex

·         Click the Settings (Gear Icon)

·         Click on the Server tab (6th from the left)

·         Click on Mango Voice Beta

*Once created, the Flex ID appears

Copy the Flex ID, and paste it into the Integration section of the Mango Voice Web Portal

If The Client Wants to Leverage Flex's Text Response Feature During Business Closed Hours:

If a client wants to have Flex send a text message response to clients after hours, you must add a Transfer and Continue Module to the Switchboard with a 5 sec timeout before the call hits the Auto-attendant or other module in that call flow. See the example below.

How do I get help?

Contact Flex Support

Contact Mango Support

Phone: 435-GoMango


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