How to Forward Phone Calls (Call Forwarding) - Copied

Call forwarding can be an extremely useful tool for times you may want to leave the office early or if the internet is down for any reason. 

  • Open the switchboard you want to forward.
  • Click the + External Transfer box at the top of the screen.
  • Insert the phone number you want to forward to in the Number section.
  • Click and drag the line from Start to the new External Transfer box you just added.
  • Click the green Save button in the top right. 


  • If you want the voicemails to stay on the cell phone, enter 120 in the timeout and uncheck the "Require 1 to connect" box. This will guarantee the call to stay on your cell phone.
  • If you want the voicemails to go to your Mango Voice voicemail, put the timeout to 20-30 seconds, check the "Require 1 to connect" box and connect the Drag circle on the External Transfer to the desired voicemail box. 
  • See the screenshot below for an example of how call forwarding would look when completed.
  • When an extension is called as part of a ring group.  Call forwarding on that extension is ignored.
  • The phone must be active and registered to the PBX for call forwarding to take effect.  If the phone is not active calls will be sent to the voicemail of the phone's extension.  Voicemail must be setup.  If voicemail is not set up, that call will hang up.

call forwarding image


Edit Call Forwarding on a Yealink Device


  • To turn On/Off call forwarding on a device press the transfer button
  • One of two things will happen
    1. It will pull up the call forwarding page and have an option to switch the always forward from On or Off
    2. There will be a little red arrow that will either disappear or reappear if this setting has been configured

      1. If this is the case go to Menu
      2. Features
      3. Call Forwarding
        1. Select Always Forward and it should pull up the forwarding page
        2. Turn off Always Forward
        3. Remove Forward to: 
        4. remove On Code if applicable
        5. remove Off Code If applicable
        6. Save
The Forward to: is the cell number to put in that you want calls to be forwarded too.