How to Enable Call Recording

1 min. readlast update: 05.01.2024

Before enabling always check with your state compliance laws

How to Enable Call Recording on Your Mango Voice System

To enable/disable call recordings on your Mango Voice system, got o the Settings in the Admin Portal

Select Call Recording from the 3 tabs

  • You can enable/disable based on Inbound, Outbound, or Internal calls.
  • Depending on state laws you may need to create a sound clip indicating to the caller that calls are being recorded.
  • You can access your call recordings in the Call Logs

Press the Play button to listen to recorded calls

How To Set Call Recording for Individual Extensions

  • Navigate to Extensions > Lines > Extension > Advanced > Call Recording:
    • Options ore:
      • System Defined (uses setting defined in the previous steps)
        • Yes
        • No

Once you've made your selection, click: "Update Extension" to save.

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