Deeplinking into Mango Mobile (iOS / Android)

Deeplinking provides a mechanism to create direct links to specific content or functionalities within mobile applications.

The Mango app supports deeplinks to allow users to access specific content within the app (iOS and Android). For example, to deeplink into the dialpad with a phone number pre-filled, open the following URL: mango://dialpad?number=123

Supported Links

Deeplink URL Description
mango:// Launches the app
mango://dialpad Navigates directly to the dialpad screen without any pre-filled number
mango://dialpad?number=123 Opens the dialpad screen and auto-fills the specified number (in this case, "123")


What happens if I don't have the app installed?

The link will fail to open and user will see a "cannot open the page because the address is invalid" error message.

What happens if the user is not authenticated to go to the destination? 

The app will launch and the user will be redirected to the login screen.

What's the behavior when providing an incorrect or unsupported route?

Provided that the URL starts with mango://, the Mango app will open. However, if the route after the scheme is not recognized, no further in-app navigation will occur.

Are additional query parameters beyond those documented supported?

No. Any extra or unrecognized query parameters appended to the deeplink will be disregarded by the Mango app.

How do I test these deeplink URLs?

To test the deeplinks on a mobile device, open a web browser and manually type in the desired deeplink URL. If set up correctly, this should launch the Mango app and navigate to the specified section or action.

Example Flow