How to Create/edit/remove Local Directory

  1. Remote in and get in to back of the phone requesting local directory
  2. Navigate to Directory -> Local Directory
  3. Add Support into Group Setting and add. Then Add Mango Support in Contacts
  4. Click add
      1. By adding this contact we create a default format for the user to follow and add the rest of their contacts.
  5. After adding the contact we will Export through CSV
  6. This is the format for the customer to follow.
    1. Name, Number, blank, blank, line -1, Auto, (Group)
  7. Once Client puts in all information in this CSV file we will upload it to the phone
      1. Import CSV
  8. You will need to import this file to all phones as it is a local file not connected to the Admin Account

Cordless phone

  1. Same steps just looks a little different
  2. Download .CSV template
  3. Follow template
  4. Import to each cordless phone
  5. Import the csv file you edited