How to Block and Unblock Numbers

Unwanted callers can be a problem for any business. Learn how to block and unblock numbers

How does blocking a number work?

A Blocked Number is associated to the PBX. Anytime that this Blocked Number tries to reach a PBX, even if it is through a different Phone Number on your PBX it will be blocked. 

When the blocked number tries to call your phone number the following will happen:

  1. The phone call will be answered
  2. Mango will playback an audio clip that the number has been blocked
  3. Mango will hangup the call
  4. This will be visible in your call logs

How can I block a number during a call?

Call *999 during a call to block the number. You will be prompted to press 1 to confirm

How can add a blocked a number when I'm not on a call?

Using any Mango phone, call *999 to add a number to the blocked number list. You will be prompted to enter the number you would like to block with the area code. Once you enter the number it will be played back to you for confirmation. Once confirmed the number will be added to the blocked number list on your PBX.

How can I remove a blocked number when I'm not on a call?

Using any Mango phone, call *999. A sound clip will say that you can press 1 to remove a blocked number. Press 1 and follow the remaining prompts.

How can I see if a number is being blocked?

You will be able to see blocked calls in the call logs section