How Do I Record a New Sound Clip?

2 min. readlast update: 04.24.2024

Set music to be played when calls reach certain points in call flows or record sound clips for voicemail. You can upload a sound clip, manage sound clips, and download clips in the Sound Clips section.

Record a Sound Clip on the Phone

  • Using any Mango Voice phone, follow these simple steps:

    • Dial *99

    • Record your greeting "Say what you want to Say," Press Any key to end recording

    • Press 2 to SAVE (Opt 1- Listen to your greeting, Opt 2- Save, Opt 3- Re-record your greeting)
      Then, your recording will automatically be sent to the Admin portal at Mango Admin, under Sound Clips

    • Select Sound Clips from the left side menu

    • Listen to and add a friendly name to the sound clip for easy reference in the future.

    • Watch this video for help recording a sound clip on the phone. (

Record a Sound Clip on the Admin Portal

  • You can also upload a custom MP3 or WAV audio clip using this same portal sound clip administration page.

  • This sound clip can now be applied to Sound clip, Auto Attendant, Queue, Shared Voicemail, and Conference Room.

  • See Uploading a Sound Clip to learn more.

To download a sound clip, follow the same steps to access the list of your sound clips. 

  • Select the three vertical dots next to the audio playback to download the file


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