Number shows as Spam/Spam Likely

Below are links to several Mobile carrier Helpdesks. Follow the links below, fill out the information to resolve issue with specific carrier(s).

In an effort to protect consumers against abusive robocalls, carriers are increasingly implementing call blocking programs.

In recent weeks, our carrier has observed AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile increasingly blocking calls that they feel fit typical robocalling campaign characteristics, such as high-volume, short-duration calls originating from a single number. When implemented, a common effect of these call blocks will be a very high volume of SIP 486 (Busy Here) response codes being delivered.
There are many, many legitimate use cases for high-volume, short-duration calls, including school closing notifications, weather alerts, and patient reminders. These are entirely valid and legitimate use cases where recipients want to receive these calls and have opted-in to do so. However, when viewed en-masse at the network level, they can look like illegal robocalling.

In order to ensure your outbound calls aren't miscategorized as unwanted or fraudulent calls by the wireless carriers, we highly encourage you to proactively request whitelisting of legitimate outbound calling use cases from each of the major wireless carriers.

When call recipients report that calls originating from your number(s) show up as “Scam Likely” or “Spam” on their phone, you may use the list of resources provided below to assist with removing these mislabeled caller identifications. The following is a non-exhaustive list of data aggregators who provide curated spam feeds to various service providers. You may reach out to them and indicate that your number(s) are being incorrectly flagged as spam. You may also find out the terminating service provider of the called number and reach out to let them know about the problem.

When inputting an issue, Please use

In the Spam Ticket, please put any information from the Feedback page such as Feedback ID or Ticket Number for each provider for if it is needed in the future.

#Spam Checklist on Hubspot for the Check list to make sure they are all completed.

Here are the websites where you can submit whitelisting requests: