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Getting Started With Integrations

An introduction on how to receive Mango Voice events to create screen pops, relay SMS/MMS messages, and more.

Who Is This Article For?

If you're a software developer with customers using Mango Voice phone systems and you are interested in receiving real-time call or messaging-related events to create a seamless, immersive experience for your clients, read on.


Integrating with Mango Voice allows you to do a wide variety of interesting things in your software. A very common use case is found in the medical industry, where real-time phone events can be used to pop up patient information on an incoming call. Another popular use is to use our platform to schedule SMS/MMS messages to and from clients, such as for appointment reminders.

How Easy is it to Get Started?

There is a bit of setup that will have to be performed in order to enable you to get started. The very first step is to setup a Partner Integration account with Mango Voice. The best way to do that is to choose your preferred method of contact here.

Once Mango Support has assisted you with account setup, you should have the following prerequisites satisfied:

  • A billing account established
  • A Primary PBX (Phone System) setup
  • At least one phone number you can use to place/receive calls
  • Optional: At least one phone number you can use to send/receive SMS/MMS relay messages. Please note that this is an optional service that comes with additional cost.

Once you have arrived at this point, you are ready for the fun stuff! The quickest way to get familiar with how our webhooks work is to set up a test url at webhook.site. Once you've done that, come back here and read further.

Next Steps:

  • Enable a Webhook Integration - Using the webhook.site url mentioned above, you can place a call to your Mango Voice number and watch in real time as first you see a 'ringing' event, then 'answered' and 'hangup', followed by a 'call log' event. If you've subscribed to voicemail events, and you left yourself a voicemail, you should also see a 'voicemail' event. NOTE: you may need to refresh the webhook.site page to see the events populate.
  • Develop Your Integration - Using the knowledge you've gained from watching events being pushed to your webhook.site url, you can start developing your integration. When you're ready to start sending events to your concrete url, simply swap it for the webhook.site url.
  • Publish Your Integration - Once you have thoroughly tested your integration, reach out to your account contact at Mango Voice and provide the requested assets and information.

What is SMS/MMS Relay and How Do I Use It?

SMS/MMS relay works similarly to other services, such as Twilio. It allows Mango Voice customers using your integration to seamlessly communicate with their clientele from within your integration interface. It can be used to send out appointment reminders, for example, or any other messaging-type communication. Messages can be scheduled up to 7 days in the future. Read more about it in the Getting Started With SMS/MMS Relay guide, or in the API Documentation