Find Me Follow Me

Overview of Find Me Follow Me:

  1. Find Me off, on, and Ring all
    1. Off - find me is disabled
    2. On - ONLY rings Cell phone
    3. Ring all - Rings all attached devices - soft phone, ext, and cell

  2. Find Me After
    1. The delay before ringing the cellular device
  3. Find me number
    1. The cell phone to be rang with extension

Troubleshooting no ringing, intermittent, or delayed

  1. Check Find Me Settings and insure they have all been selected correctly -
      1. On/Ring All
      2. Delay time on Find Me After
      3. Correct cell number
  2. Test Call after verifying settings
  3. Check Outbound Gateway
      1. IF CCI change to BW
      2. IF BW change to VI
      3. IF VI change to BW
      4. Bandwidth is typically the go to for Find Me follow me Usage.
  4. Test after changing outbound
  5. Escalate to Tier 2 with all tests that have been ran