How do I send a fax?

We'll cover how to send a fax, and how to tell if your fax has been sent or not

How to Send a Fax with Mango's Web App

These steps follow what is done in the video. 
  1. If you haven't already done so, make sure you're logged into the WebApp, you have an internet connection, and your file is smaller than 5 megabytes.
  2.  On the left side, click on the Compose Fax icon. 
  3. An overlay will come over your screen, and on top of that a box will appear saying 'New Fax'. This is called the New Fax Modal. In the New Fax Modal, enter in. your fax number, and the number you're faxing to.
  4. You can drag and drop the fax or click the box and you'll be able to select your file. 
    1. If your file is in the correct format, and 5 megabytes or less, it will upload. 
      1. The supported formats for Fax are: 
        1. .png
        2. .jpeg
        3. .jpg
        4. .pdf
        5. .csv
        6. .txt
        7. .gif
  5. Click on 'Send Fax'
  6.  A box will appear in the upper right of the screen letting you know that your fax as been queued. 
    1. Queued means that there's a number of faxes going in and out of the Mango system and that your fax is queued up to be sent out. 
  7. That's it! Enjoy faxing! 

    I want to fax from the admin site. How do I do that?

    Click here to learn how to send a fax from our Admin site.