Fax Detect- Switchboard Object

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  • Fax detect listens to the line for a fax tone and transfers it to the fax service when a fax tone from the calling party is detected.

Use Cases

  • Use Fax Detect to use one number to receive calls and faxes. With fax detect, one may keep their phone number and detect when they receive faxes.

  • This is useful for sales reps and agents on the go.


  • The fax tone comes in every 4-5 seconds, so it might not detect the fax tone before ringing your phone. This may seem like you are receiving ghost calls but Mango is detecting faxes and stopping the phone from ringing. It is recommended to make sure there is a larger delay with a sound clip after the fax detect object or a 5-second wait.

Set up your Virtual Fax:

Follow this Guide!

Set it up in your SwitchBoard! -


  1. Right after Start create the Fax Detect Object and select your recently created Virtual Fax

  2. Add a 5 second wait to allow enough time for the Fax Detect to do its Magic

  3. Connect the wait to your normal call flow and you're good to go!

The behind the scenes:

  • When you receive a fax our system converts it into a PDF to be downloaded from your email or from your Mango Portal.

  • The email can be changed or additional emails can be added by going into your Virtual Fax Extension and following this format: email1@test.com,email2@test.com,email3@test.com


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