Extension Overview

Each user gets their own extension. An extension allows a user the following functionalities:

See below definitions to learn how to manage extensions.


This has to do with a particular physical location. Mango allows you to have multiple locations under the same PBX, so the system needs to be able to identify where the particular extension is coming from for e911 purposes.

OutDial Extension

No - This extension will act as a regular extension.

Yes - This extension will only forward to an off-site phone number specified in the 'forwarding number' field below.

Be Aware:

  • The system will not be able to retrieve a call once it has forwarded it to an outside number.
  • You cannot use system voicemail with an OutDial Extension.

Assigned User

The user that gets linked to the extension. Linked users can be changed in the edit screen and updated at any time.


The name that gets associated with the extension. The name is auto-filled with the Assigned User.


The number that gets associated with the extension. Extensions within the PBX can easily be reached by dialing the extension number.

Local Area Code

Enter the local area code to be shown on outbound calls.

Outbound Caller ID

The number to be shown on the outbound caller ID. Choose from the numbers in the list under My Numbers on the sidebar.

Mobile App. Access

Allows mobile app access permissions. This permission can be turned off for instance if a company deals with sensitive information that needs to be protected. Turning the access off will disable mobile application access, keeping all of the information and contacts local to the place of business. 

SoftPhone Access

Allows soft phone access permissions. This permission can be turned off for instance if a company deals with sensitive information that needs to be protected. Turning the access off will disable soft phone access, keeping contacts local to the place of business. 

Find Me After

Ring All - Rings both the extension and the Find Me Number

Tells the system to send the call to the Find Me Number after the selected time.

Find Me Number

The number the system calls after the find me conditions are met.

Voicemail Enabled

 Enable or disable voicemail functionality for the extension.

Voicemail Greeting

Select the audio that is played for the extension's voicemail greeting. Select the audio from the Sound Clips option on the side menu.

Voicemail TimeZone

 Set the date and time the voicemail box tags the incoming voicemails.

Voicemail Box Password

 Set the voicemail box password. The password is set to 1234 as default.

Send Email Notifications

The system will send email notifications for received voicemails. The emails will be sent to Message Email Address.

Omit From Directory

A new extension will be seen by all extensions in the PBX. Queues, conference rooms, and shared voicemails may be omitted from the directory to eliminate confusion.

Block Caller ID

Blocks the outgoing caller ID to the recipient of the phone call.

Use Local Presence

This is a set of phone numbers that make you appear as if you are a local area code phone number calling. If the number that is being called starts with 801, for instance, you can link to the group of local presence numbers and it will pull an area code from the location that is nearest to the location of the number being dialed.

Dedicated Fax

Note: If you are keeping an in-house fax machine, you will first need a fax converter that will translate the digital fax to your physical fax machine.

The fax will be dedicated to the one extension/number. There should be a fax number that is directed at a specific extension that is connected to the specific device.

Preferred Codec

Select the preferred codec from the menu:

  • Better for slow internet (iLBC) Supports: Yealink, Softphone
  • Standard (PCMU) Supports: All phone types
  • Good for slow internet (G729) Supports: Yealink, Cisco
  • HD Audio (G722) Supports: Yealink, Cisco
  • Best for slow internet (OPUS) Supports: Softphones

Call Recording

We allow the recording of specified extensions.
Use case: A client doesn't want calls recorded, but want's the front desk's calls recorded. The default System Defined option would give permissions based on PBX-wide settings. If Yes is selected, it overwrites that you want recording on this specific extension. If No is selected, you could turn the client's phone call recording off.