Send fax via Email (Email to Fax)

Email to fax allows users to easily send faxes anywhere they have access to their email account

  • Watch how to use email to fax here
  • Make sure your email account and fax number are associated to your Mango user account. Faxes sent from unknown emails will be discarded
  • Send an email to, xxxxxxxxxx being the phone number you wish to fax to. (For example, a fax being sent to 435-555-1212 would be sent as
  • Add the document you wish to send as an attachment on the email
  • Send the email
  • We convert the attachment and send the fax
  • You receive an email confirmation (click here for details on email confirmation)

Note: Supported attachment types (pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, jpeg, gif, tif)


Click HERE for information about which email address Fax notifications come from.