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E911 allows emergency services to locate a phone number geographically. Mango Voice is cloud-based so our locations and extensions can be anywhere.

It is your responsibility to make sure that a number is E911 verified and associated with the correct location for each extension.

  • E911 Verification must be added by a Mango Voice service representative.

  • Each PBX must have a default E911 verified number associated.

  • Additional numbers may be verified and used on individual extensions.

  • An extension with an E911 number directly associated with the extension will override the default E911 number for that extension.

  • If the Outbound Caller ID is different from the E911 verified number for the PBX or extension, when 911 is dialed the Outbound Caller ID for that extension or PBX will be changed to the E911 verified number assigned.


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