Dynamic Sound Clip Recording

Note: Sound clip formats can be either MP3 or WAV.

Dynamic Sound Clip Recording is great for:

  • Daily updates such as discounts and newly added plans 
  • Emergency changes for voicemails due to weather or unplanned occurrences
  • Easy adjustment to Holiday specific voicemails
  • Changing on-call voicemails or sound clips

How to assign a feature code to an existing sound clip

  • Select Sound Clips from the left sidebar of your Mango Portal
  • Feature Code is a star code that can be dialed to re-record that specific sound clip

How to re-record with a Feature code

  • On the Mango phone dial *(feature code) *100-109
  • It will play the existing sound clip
  • press 3 to record over existing
  • press 2 to save your recording

For help recording an initial sound clip follow the links below:

 How to upload a sound clip (Youtube)

 How to record a sound clip over the phone