Day/Night Mode - Copied


The Day/Night object is a very useful tool that allows you to manually toggle between two different call flows.


  • When Open: This is call flow 1, this normally points to your regular scheduled call flow.
  • When Closed: This is call flow 2, this can point to anything you will need the manual toggle for, whether it's directly to a voicemail or a cell phone.
  • Press *xx: This is what you will dial to toggle between the 2 call flows. The basic one is *3. If you need more than one Day/Night mode you can go into advanced mode which adds options *30-*39.

Use Cases

This is great to use if you leave your office for lunch regularly and want to forward it to a cell phone or a voicemail. Any time you need to quickly adjust your call flow to something other than the regular this is the best tool to use.