Custom Music On Hold Streams

You may want to use a custom stream provider or a corporate audio stream. Follow the steps below to set up your custom stream for Music On Hold.

Please do not reference pirated or other content. Any questions about copyright will result in the stream being terminated. 

Recommended Partners

  •  Has on staff voice talent, custom playlist management, expertise in music royalties and can host streams that integrate easily into Mango Voice
  • - Production Studio for custom hold music and support staff to help you get up and running.
    • Dental Demo -

How to set up a Stream Music On Hold from a URL

  • Click ‘Add new Playlist’
  • Change ‘Type’ from ‘List’ to ‘Stream’
  • Add Streaming URL 
  • Click Create Playlist
  • Select as default

Note: streams from Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, and radio stations are not acceptable formats for Music on Hold.